Personal Makeup Class


This class mainly focus on personal.
Suitable for ladies and gentlemen with or without experience.
It will helps you understand your own feature and market products which suit you the most. 
Giving a nice look and attractive personality to suit the place, environment and the event.
Enhance individuals' appearance and outfit at their daily activities both, official and unofficial. 



1st Class : Make Up THEORY
• Personal Skincare Knowledge, Personal Hygienists
• Personal Makeup Remove and Cleansing Steps
• Introduction on Brushes & Makeup Tools, Market Cosmetics, Makeup Steps
• Face Structure, Highlight & Shading application
• Various Eyebrow Shape & Matching
• Colour Temperature & Combination
2nd Class : Day / Natural Makeup
• Makeup Base and Foundation Application, Different Usage of Concealiner
• Personal Skin Colour Matching and Combination.
• Corrective on Eye Shape, Face Shape and other Face Blemish
• Day / Natural Eyeshadow Blending Skill
• Eyebrow Shaving, Correction and Drawing
• Natural Eyeliner Application Technique
• Application of Mascara
• Natural / Nude Lip Blending Skill
3rd Class : Night / Dinner Makeup
• Personal Dinner Image Grooming
• Eyeshadow Combination for Dinner Makeup
• Application on Shimmer Powder for Face
• Various of Eyeliner Application & Correction on Different Eye Shape
• Technique on Application of Fake Eye Lash and Mascara
• Hightlight and Shading Skills
• Dinner Lip Corrective Skill
4th Class : Transfer Day to Night Makeup
• Natural Makeup Application
• After Makeup "Touch-up"Skill
• Information on Face Makeup Protection
• Dinner Makeup Application
• Technique of Transformation from Day to Night Makeup / Image
• Application of Creative Eyelashes
• Wild Type Eyeliner Application
• Face Blusher Blending Skill
5th Class : Smokey Eye Makeup
• Application of Face Primer
• Special Smokey Eye Blending Effect
• Application of Eyelashes for Smokey Eye
• Smokey Blusher Blending Skill
• Wild Colour Blending for Lip
• Application of Effective Hightlight and Shading
• Hands on Day Makeup or Night Makeup


Flexible study hour.
The class should be completed within 2 months after 1st class.


5 Makeup Lessons
1 Makeup Assessment